June 03, 2005

Something worth reading (maybe)

After ending up exceptionally bored, I've actually decided to do an update. Normally I'd discuss my life at the moment, but that would be the same as always:

"Gigs I've been to,
The Future."

So I'm actually going to write about something worthwhile. It seems that my first choice of "music" has already been stolen (plus half of it would be centred round Feeder), so I've decided to pick something more random instead.

It's nice to know when you've got something in the bank, and to be able to spend it freely at the moment, but what's everyone's plans for when/if we get to uni? I hope to have saved up something by then, but I could well have blown it all on petrol and other stuff that I want at the moment. I plan on getting a job when I go to uni, but there's always the problems that some unis don't allow you to work during term-time. That means saving loads, and then being able to limit your spending. I find that if I have a ton of money, I usually spend it all in one go. Hopefully I won't have to face that, as it would probably make everything a lot harder for me, as I probably wouldn't have time to save up some money for when I actually get a proper job.

Which leads me on to wondering if I'm ever going to buy a house. With the fact that we've gotta pay these bastard top up fees when we go, and that student debt is increasing every year, it could mean we never get out of debt unless we get a really good paying job. Or if house prices crash. And using my (GCSE grade C) economic knowledge, that means there will probably be less jobs. Making it harder to actually get any money at all. There's really no way to win.

Anyway, I give up on talking now. I'm crap at doing this sort of thing. Will probably post again in a year or two.


March 13, 2005

My Dream

O how time flies! The inablility of humanity to stop our production in time surely keeps our lives ticking away, losing seconds and even hours in mere contemplation.

But this contemplation means that we can stay sane, or lose sanity. Many an hour have i spent sitting in silence and contemplating. Not contemplating life, work or play, but dreams. Not happy dreams, for these are numbered, but those which haunt us to our very bones. They scream out to our very sanity, and plague our existance. Why are these dreams occuring, what do they mean, and why can i not complete the dreams which i have wanted for so very long. But this leads us to the point of dreams and thier dilemma. As far as i can tell there are two types of dream :

No. 1, the sub-conscious dream. These are the ones we have when we are sleeping, and they occur without us knowing quite that they mean. Some people will come into school every day and speak of a dream they had when they were chased by pink elephants, but i believe that these do not exist unless under halucinagens. These dreams are an image of two people dancing in the sunset, only silhouetes visible. This is the sub-conscious. And sometimes these dreams hurt, and as only a select few know these dreams can plague you for months and even years.

No. 2, the conscious dream. The one that got away! For me this has its groundings and has proven to be the reality i was o so hoping for, the reality of a dream come true. And the proof that i know it is a conscious dream? Its reality i can touch, feel, a tangible object that has been dreamt for and has come true.

And so contemplation of a conscious dream can send us insane with questions that only someone else can answer, and the availability of a subconsious dream to us can keep us sane. But the only truth in the dream world can be this :

If a dream comes along and its truth made available grab it with both hands and hold it tight. Such dreams can only come true to those who wait, grasp at the dreams and never let go, never squander the chances that are given to you. The true reality of a dream is available in a touch, in a whisper, in a kiss.

February 17, 2005

Angus goes driving

Before that though, if you're looking for the meaning of life, it can be found here*.

Yes, on Tuesday I had my first driving lesson (about 2 months after I could have started). And it consisted of simple driving around the surrounding villages, along open roads, just getting a feel for it. And although it's easier than I originally thought, it's also annoying having to remember a sequence of things you need to go through to do certain things (i.e change gear). Unfortunately, nothing interesting happen, apart from the fact that I kept finding that I accidentally hit 50mph without paying attention to my speed. Tomorrow I'm doing junctions around Thame. So if you're planning on going there (although highly unlikely), I advise you don't, because I'm not being held responsible.

Past couple of days have consisted of band practises. We were missing a Zoe on the first day, but got a few songs together, and were joined by her today. Got some good new songs lined up for - we've tried to go a bit heavier. Also perfected the ones we already had. We even got a compliment from someone who lives nearby. But not the townies. They started throwing glass bottles at us instead, and laughing at us through the window.
We sat in the comfort knowing that we're not townies, and thus we matter.

It's been such a long time since I last wrote anything, that I'm about 3 weeks late from seeing Green Day - but they were good. MK should be better though, especially with the better support.

And that's about it. I swear I had more to say...

*(It might be a crap site for the moment, but something else is being worked on. That will do for now though).

January 23, 2005

My blogs are like sods law

The come in twos.

Anyway, I suppose I have to say thank you to everyone who came and assisted on Friday night and helped us raise all the money. Although I didn't do too much of the organising, until the actual evening, it was still tiring. I was highly nervous before I got on, but it was fine once I was up there. And I was surprised I even managed to do my backing vocals without thinking about it.

I'm looking for ways we can improve now. Anything is welcome. The sooner we get stuff like that, the sooner we can start gigging properly, I suppose.

And although it was a good evening, nothing beat going to the proper charity gig at Cardiff last night. Although the crowd was mainly full of arses, who refused to let you push to the front, complained if you stood for a couple of seconds in front of you. And short Welsh women who got stressed because there was a group of blokes jumping next to them, and took to hitting them with bottles. Good job they weren't there for Feeder...

Snow Patrol were amazing, especially with Run (60 000 people singing along). Keane got everyone singing too, as did Kelly Jones. GLC were amusing, and Manics played a good show. As for (my good old) Feeder, they managed to get the whole floor jumping to Buck Rogers and Just a Day. Best bit has to have been seeing myself on the main screens just after the Manics. I enjoyed myself a lot, but my legs ache from standing 6 hours (who's idea was it to put Feeder on so late). The evening was rounded off with some snow as we all left too.

It's a good night, and now onto Green Day this Tuesday. And then I realised I have house swimming the following day. It's not going to be easy when I probably can't actually wake up anyway.

January 20, 2005

Too much work

I'm breathing a sigh of relief today. I've finally manage to get rid of what seems like a huge weight, that was my physics presentation. I don't know about anyone else who's done it, but it was niggling me for ages, as I thought it was going to be rubbish. In the end I found it went fine, and I didn't screw up.

This week has also seen me having numerous exams, and chemistry coursework. And tomorrow is gig night for me, as I attempt to go on stage without messing up. I can tell something's gonna go wrong. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets by the way- it's for a good cause, and I hope you realise that when you're there, even if the music is crap.

As for this evening, it brings about parents even. And a new format for us blokes at least. We have the ban that was previously placed on us lifted, so now we can attend. I use 'can' very lightly, as it's now the total opposite, and we must go really. But it give us a chance to express our real views to teachers. I can imagine some people's talks being very interesting.

Am off this weekend to Cardiff to see the chairty gig thing. Should be good when the decent bands come on, but when it's Charlotte Church- it's food time. Most likely for the whole stadium too. Then it's Green Day on Tues. Will be interesting trying to walk through Brixton at night. But I can tell it will end up being good. You'll see a dead me in school on Wednesday.

Enjoy yourselves.

January 01, 2005

Two thousand and five

So here we are. Another year, another twelve months of the fun that is our lives. See my enthusiasm.

To be fair, the prospect of a new year does nothing much for me any more. It just marks more days in our lives, and the fact that I have to write "2005" instead of "2004" now.

Now instead of blogging about what everyone else is, on the major news at the moment (the tsumani for all you hermits), I think it's a better idea to look at what is coming up for us in 2005.

We start of in the deep end, with our first set of modules for AS. None of us have done proper exams since waaay back in June, so this could be a shock for some. The repeat in June should be hard on everyone - lots more exams, this time with no care for you at all. Also this year we see our final year of school education come about, after the past 13 years of pure torture. It's hard to believe that all that time ago we'd have just stepped into the world of work, and not even imagining we'd be where we are today.

We're also going to see a few of us leave childhood behind forever, as we hit the age of 18 this year. I realised today that this is my last year of one set of restraints, before being moved onto another. By this time next year, I'll be able to vote, drink legally in pubs, see and buy all films, get into every gig possible, and not have my parents as my legal guardians any more. It may be another 11 months off, but its certainly looming a lot closer.

That's all I can think of. So...er...have a good 2005.

December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas and all that bollocks

I've finally got my computer working again (the real one), and it now comes with broadband. Which I've been waiting for for sodding ages.

But anyway, I suppose todays blog is about Xmas. So I have to start off by saying Happy Christmas to all of you, cos I'm too stingey to send out cards. Hope you get what you want etc. and beware the relatives. No doubt we'll all be having blogs about what we got in the next few days.
I'm pretty sure I could come out with a rant about something to do with this time of year, but I really can't be bothered. Plus I don't think Im that much against it anyway. Enjoy my moment of online generousity.

It's already been mention elsewhere, but thanks to Chaz & co for Wednesday nights party. Apart from the beer pikeys, it was a great time.

I'm being lazy and can't write anything else. If I remember, I might write a brief "year in review" thing over the next week. But probably not.

I suppose all that's left to say is have a great Christmas.